St. Vincent’s La Soufrière shares with Mount St. Helen (USA) the fame of being the most studied volcano, and is the same explosive type.La Soufrière is a smaller version of Mount St. Helen.It rises majestically to over 4,000 feet and last erupted in April 1979.

A tour to La Soufrière Volcano takes you along the picturesque windward coast of St. Vincent, through banana and coconut plantations to where the foot trail begins. This trail leads you along steep volcanic ridges, verdant with bamboo and other tropical trees.This is a day’s journey for energetic hikers, who should leave early in the morning, as the ascent to the crater is about 3 ¼ miles, but is well worth it.The expedition can continue down the west side trail and terminate 10 or 12 miles on, in Chateaublair on the leeward (west) side.

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